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Hi, my name is David Valle. I'm the founder and owner of Itinaucore. Pronounced as "Itin-nah-cor", are three combined words: itinerary, nautical, and core.


I chose the name Itinaucore because when a person embarks on any journey, an itinerary will help organize and list the places that a person needs to go. 

Once an itinerary is established, getting to where you need to go involves navigation. History and literature have written of the adventures and perils of nautical seafaring journeys.

If you're looking for the central or most important part of something, you're looking for its core. You are that important core!


During the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 when 9 million Americans lost their jobs and unemployment peaked at 10%, I learned the value of being adaptable, creative, and thinking out of the box. Changing jobs or having to try another field of work can be scary. Your confidence is tested. You start to wonder if you are making the right decision. What helped me navigate through that turbulence were career assessments that helped me focus on how best I could use my natural abilities and skills to adapt to different jobs. Continual knowledge of my strengths gave me the confidence to try new fields of work.


Most of us take our strengths, talents, and skills for granted, which at times make it difficult to identify them.  However, once you know your strengths-that is, the skills you prefer using, the things you are good at-it will feel more comfortable navigating towards the profession or industry in which you fit best. With Artificial Intelligence and automation restructuring society and our working environment, understanding your transferable skills is crucial.​ The symbol on my logo:






is referred to as "squaring the circle", sometimes used as a metaphor for trying to do the impossible. The way jobs and our environment continues to change, sometimes it seems impossible to keep up. I believe that career assessments are not only essential as a foundation for self-discovery, but the itinerary needed to list your strengths in organizing and planning your journey to navigate through an ever-changing economy and workplace.


Interestingly, the word 'opportunity' is a nautical term associated with navigation. The word comes from the Latin phrase, ob portum veniens "coming toward a port" which refers to a favorable wind blowing ships into the harbor. Though some think of opportunity as something a good wind blew their way, preparation is still needed. A sailor still had to be prepared for the "winds of change" before that wind changed. Sailors didn't wait for that change of wind they diligently prepared for it, they anticipated it, and they were keenly tuned in for it.


As the world changes, careers are changing as well, or disappearing.  Many that went to school aren't even in the career they went to school for. Jobs that exist today, didn't exist 5 years ago.


One needs to become tuned into the winds of change and learn to navigate towards the port of success. This way opportunity is no longer a surprise, but a result of diligent preparation. Confidently knowing your natural abilities, skills, and strengths will help you navigate towards unrecognized opportunities and berth your ship to success.


According to the assessment you chose, you will be given between an hour or two in consultation to help you create a S.W.O.T analysis of your assessment results. ​A Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat analysis are used by many organizations to evaluate where they stand in a competitive market and what steps need to be taken for further strategic planning, helping make important decisions to draw a future roadmap.

Itinaucore would like to assist you in understanding and identifying your abilities and strength to create your future roadmap. Please contact me at or (917) 535 -7497. 

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"Know Thyself"