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Future Job Skills: Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Jobs that are emerging now and in the future will require the skill to analyze digital information coming through various forms of media. The skills needed to distinguish valid and useful information will be critical. The amount of data generated by social media alone is overwhelming.

"New-Media Literacy"  will be a necessary skill to evaluate the most important information communicated through media channels. The inundation of data from countless sources will force organizations to vet the credibility of these sources more thoroughly.

"Computational Thinking" is another skill based on analyzing and organizing new data in a way that produces actionable information for a computer or human. Understanding how other fields of work interconnect with the data received will be an advantage.

Curiosity and openness regarding continual learning are important. This skill is referred to as "Transdisciplinary." With disruptive innovation increasing, exposure to multiple disciplines will become the norm. Employers will expect their workers to possess knowledge and experience across multiple disciplines or have the ability to readily learn new skills.

Acquiring different skills from different disciplines provides the capacity to understand how the results can affect consumers, society, and the environment. A Design Mindset is a skill that involves empathy. A great example where this skill is needed and used is in UX (user experience) Design. A UX designer works to understand the customer's needs, and then looks to design or create something that meets those needs.

As technology continues to permeate our lives, a design mindset will be paramount in products that incorporate intuitive and easy to use design. The disruptive economy is showing that organizations with the ability to innovate are often the ones that succeed.

Learning the skills just discussed here will pay off greatly now and in the future. Start learning them now. Understand what your natural abilities are and how you can build on them to develop such skills. Career assessments like the Highlands Ability Battery can help you understand your natural abilities. Itinaucore also offers other assessments to test your problem-solving skills. Please contact us for more detaols at

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