Future Job Skills: Teamwork!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The need for effective teamwork is critical for businesses to grow and succeed in the future. In the past, some may have thought that the cutthroat mentality and competing against fellow colleagues was the road to success.  Today, it creates a toxic work environment and destroys the value of teamwork.

A healthy team environment allows workers to brainstorm together which increases their success in problem-solving and more efficient work output. The ability for a team to work cohesively will not only be efficient but also produce a pleasant work environment. In 2017 Inc. listed six toxic methods that can kill your work environment. Lack of social intelligence is becoming less tolerable, especially in key supervisory positions.

Social intelligence is often defined as "a keen awareness of the value of social connections, the ability to take another's perspective, and the capacity to engage in satisfying relationships." In our previous article, networking not only is a necessary skill for job searching or changing careers, but companies also want workers who can fit into their company culture. Companies, organizations, and individuals that improve their social intelligence will reap the benefits of future success. Though it seems xenophobia is increasing, research from several international organizations like The World Economic Forum and The Institute for the Future show that social intelligence will need to extend to international cultures.

Cross-Cultural Competency skills utilize diversity, which inspires innovation and creativity. Experiencing different cultures help us see the world from a different perspective. How many would not love a job that lets you travel the world? Many colleges and even Ivy league schools promote traveling before starting college or a university. Why?  Traveling is an education.  As more companies develop teams for projects, having knowledge of other cultures will be a valuable skill. Cross-Cultural competence will also play a big role in the success of virtual teams.

Virtual collaboration is another important skill that involves teamwork. The Harvard Business Review has commented on successful virtual collaboration. Virtual collaboration can also impact the other needed future skill of sense-making. Virtual communication sometimes requires more sense-making than normal ways of communication. Social intelligence takes on a whole new meaning in the virtual world.

Ever seen or put on a resume, "I'm a team player"? That statement will be put to the test as the future skills of social intelligence, cross-cultural competence, and virtual collaboration continue to increase in the work environment. This series of "Future Job Skills" has been based on several reports dated as far back as 2011 as to what skills will be needed by 2020. We are presently in 2020, by the time you know it the year will be over and more virtual skills will be the norm. Are you prepared? Inquire about our career assessments to identify your skills at Itinaucore@gmail.com.

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