Initium novum / a new beginning

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Has the "Great Resignation" prompted a new beginning? Though new, will it be a good or bad beginning? The present COVID situation has forced not only workers to re-evaluate their lives, but companies as well in how they plan to conduct business in the future.

Many may have thought that these massive resignations were due to people able to benefit from stimulus checks, unemployment checks, and/or being lazy. Though in some cases these may apply, one cannot assume this opinion applies to the majority. There has been enough data showing that "work/life balance and bad managers are consistently the top issues that push employees to job hop" before COVID. An Inc. article listed poor managers and a toxic environment as number three and number four in their five toxic factors for people who quit their job before they have another job. Many feel it's their number one and number two reason for wanting to quit. A BBC article stated, "For many, employers have played a big part in why they're walking away."

Though some companies have spent money on Emotional Intelligence programs, it seems these programs may have been directed more on the workers than management, if workers still feel management has been the cause of their leaving. If you don't have healthy workers, you won't have a healthy company. The book, "The Way We Work", stated, "We are able to accomplish the huge number of things we do, things that make us human, only because our cells willingly collaborate with each other", "as our cells must work together, one system without the others would undoubtedly fail." Looking at cells as an example, then there must be a lack of collaboration between management and workers with so many resigning that they don't even care if they don't have another job to go to. Employers may not be taking into consideration the health factors involved. The stress that the COVID situation is causing is now affecting both workers and management reporting mental health challenges.

So will this "Great Resignation" be a productive new beginning? It all depends on what workers and companies will invest in. In the past, companies that failed to innovate by not investing in new technologies went under. Today, companies that don't invest in their people will fall behind. Workers also need to invest in themselves. They need to invest in life-long learning and be able to evaluate their natural abilities, their strengths, and what they need to improve in their skills. Workers will have to be able to understand how their transferable skills can be incorporated into new technological skills.

It may turn out that the "Great Resignation" may be a blessing in disguise. Those that quit their jobs might end up being more productive in their new jobs. Companies will benefit as well from having more engaged workers. An important factor though is workers and management collaborating for a healthy work environment. As human cells demonstrate, communication is the lifeblood of any organism or relationship. A healthy workplace would be a welcomed new beginning for everyone.

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