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What Are Your Weaknesses?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

If you feel this is a tough question to answer, it can also be difficult for the interviewer to assess the candidate’s skills or weaknesses as well. This is why aptitude tests have provided employers greater insight into the applicant's capabilities. According to Psychology Today, about 80% of Fortune 500 companies use pre-employment testing in their recruitment strategies. Fortune Magazine, a popular USA based magazine, stated that companies that used pre-employment testing recorded higher performance margins and returns on investment, as well as lower staff turnover and training costs. This explains why pre-employment tests have become an integral part of the interview process and why many companies have now placed their focus on getting the most out of their workforce making large investments in pre-employment assessment strategies.

When required to take a pre-employment test, do not assume you can successfully guess your way through an entire aptitude test. Pre-employment tests are usually performance-based tests that require you to work under tight time constraints that can produce results you didn't expect and force you to make mistakes. The tests are not designed to make you fail, but provide employers with a better understanding of the potential employee's strengths and weaknesses. The results highlight the skills and abilities of the potential employee's contributions to the companies goals and future success.

Invest in Yourself

If companies are investing heavily in such aptitude tests and seeing a positive return on investment, why shouldn't you invest in yourself in the same way? Why not invest in a performance-based aptitude test like the Highlands Ability Battery assessment that can accurately assess your natural abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. A typical pre-employment aptitude test reveals these particular abilities:

  • Numerical Reasoning - Interpreting graphs, data, charts, or statistics.

  • Verbal Reasoning - Understanding instructions and written information.

  • Diagrammatic Reasoning -The ability to follow diagrams, identify patterns, synthesize data, and solve problems logically.

  • Logical Reasoning - Be able to follow through to a conclusion.

  • Inductive Reasoning - Solve problems with unfamiliar information.

The Highlands Ability Battery measures your natural abilities such as:

Another ability being tested is Emotional Intelligence. Approximately 82% of global companies now utilize these tests for executive positions and 72% of these companies give the tests to middle management. The US Airforce started testing for Emotional Intelligence and increased its ability in selecting the best performers by three-fold, which resulted in saving $3 million annually.

Before you are asked in an interview or have to take a pre-employment test for others to know more about your weaknesses than you do, be prepared. Become self-aware of your weaknesses and become confident about your strengths. Put together a S.W.O.T report comprised of your abilities from a career assessment like the Highlands Ability Battery and walk into the interview confident and ready to present your personal brand.

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