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Why Take an Assessment?

Though psychological assessments and forms of EI testing might seem silly or something you take online for fun, don't be fooled, many corporations and businesses are taking assessments seriously. Assessments are providing organizations a window into a candidate's abilities, social insight, and emotional literacy. As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on businesses and the economy, thousands are looking for employment. Automation and AI will also be a challenge for the future of work. One strategy to help filter through so many applicants and eliminate needless rounds of interviews is getting a more precise fix on the qualities and abilities of the candidates. The last thing organizations need is to have possible talent slip through the cracks in ATS, or losing talent from cognitive biases at interviews.

More employers are turning to assessments because they greatly reduce the time and cost of recruiting and hiring. The assessments also help sort through candidates that misrepresent themselves on resumes and are immensely helpful in pinpointing which candidates are best suited for the job, the team, and the organization. The following graph by Heneman and Judge helps show the usefulness of assessments.

Since companies are finding assessments to be so valuable in their hiring efforts, do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are before you take these pre-employment assessments? By taking a career assessment beforehand and seeing what areas you need to strengthen would be valuable in your development. Potential employers are evaluating whether you are right for the job, so by knowing your strengths, abilities, and preferences you'll also be in a better position to evaluate whether the job is right for you.

Another area some people feel is just common sense is Emotional Intelligence. With more complaints about toxic work environments and the loss of valuable talent, more companies are evaluating upper management as well concerning this ability. A 2007 study published in the Academy of Management reports that rude behavior in the workforce, lack of Emotional Intelligence, costs companies $14,000 per employee because of lost productivity and work time. Many psychological studies demonstrate that Emotional Intelligence is linked to overall job performance, entrepreneurial potential, and leadership talent. Assessments help identify how empathetic and self-aware candidates are.

With the future of work changing, the uncertainties of COVID-19, and other technological advancements, taking time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses is necessary. Understanding what areas you need to work on or what best suits you, can help you better invest in yourself and make better career choices. Take a look at the assessments we offer and schedule a consultation to see which assessment best suits your needs. Contact us at

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